Quality Payment Program Support

Quality Payment Program Support

We provide practices quality payment program support that is fully integrated into monthly CCM workflow.  Our care management technology and staff solutions to support practices along their path from volume to value. We empower organizations ACOs, MIPS, CPC+ and other quality programs a formal platform to foster quality measure attainment, risk stratification, care coordination, advance care planning, care transitions, medication reconciliation and a number of other success-driving areas.  We understand the care management of complex populations because we’ve managed them.  We become a trusted partner to client practices and can advise them on all aspects of programatic success: driving quality and achievement within this innovative new practice and payment model.

Core areas of our Quality Payment Program include:

  • Custom quality measure support for your practice’s chosen QMs integrated into CCM monthly workflow
    • Care Team assignment
    • Risk Stratification
    • Patient Access and Engagement
    • Cloud-based, collaborative care planning
    • Care Management and Coordination

For further information:

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Quality Payment Program

Connected Homes / Remote Patient Monitoring

We also can help develop “Connected Homes” for patients in any care setting, which can provide tailored physiological monitoring fitted specifically to a patient’s chronic conditions. The remote patient monitoring data, upon practitioner review, is incorporated into the care plan—simultaneously providing direct clinical value to patients and needed chronic disease management support that can help keep patients at home, and out of high cost settings like emergency rooms and hospitals.  Contact us for further information: