Chronic Care Management Pricing for Technology and Services is highly competitive and provides our clients a best-in-class care management product and audit trail.  We work collaboratively to find the best model for your practice.  We become your partner on the road to true care management success.

CMS Chronic Care Management Reimbursement Information

CMS recognized chronic care management (CCM) as a critical component of primary care1 that contributes to better health for individuals and reduced expenditure.

Starting January 1, 2015, CMS began reimbursing chronic care management services for qualified Medicare beneficiaries at approximately $43 per patient, per month for CPT code 994903. Reimbursement requires 20+ minutes of non-face-to-face chronic care coordination services per month for Medicare beneficiaries with two or more chronic conditions. All the requirements of care planning directed by CMS as it pertains to CPT 99490 are part of the CCM Inc. platform fabric. The system ensures functionality and practical relevance of every aspect of the plan.

Most practices using the Chronic Care Management platform find through diligent, collaborative updating of the CCM activities each month, they are meeting the 20 minute time threshold for billing.

2 CPT® is registered trademark of the American Medical Association.
3 $42.60 per month is the national average. Actual amounts will vary by region.