Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Plan – Chronic Care Management

Few areas of geriatric care management are as important as advance directives.  We support your practice’s advance care plan – chronic care management needs with our workflow-driven solution that helps ensure that your patients over-arching goals are thought about on a regular basis.  Our platform operationalizes this critical area so people can receive the care they want, not only the care we think they need. A recent study of the Medicare CCM program showed that patients receiving CCM services have a 10x higher rate of advance care planning compared to Medicare beneficiaries who didn’t receive CCM services.  Starting a CCM program can be a great stimulus of advance care planning conversations – perhaps the most important conversation a patient can have with their doctor.

Advance Care Plan - Chronic Care Management

Operationalizing regular review of the advance directives also enables practices to gain new revenue under CPT Codes 99497 and 99498.

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CMS FAQ on Billing for Advance Care Planning Services