Chronic Care Management Solutions

Value-based care enabler: We support all aspects of in-between visit care.

Chronic Care Management is a value-based care enabler that provides a pathway to care management success for organizations of all sizes and types.  Through our enterprise technology platform, we support care management efforts such as CCM, behavioral health integration (BHI) and all major quality payment programs.  We offer practices the ability to deliver quality care management services to their patients while they are fulfilling requirements to submit claims for chronic care management. CCM is difficult for many organizations to operationalize into a compliant, productive system, but our integrated offering makes is simple. Chronic Care Management, Inc. is a value-based care enabler that drives compliant and efficient care management for in-between visit care, while tracking all time spent and forging a robust audit trail. Using our platform, practices can be confident they are not only gaining this important revenue source, but are also compliant with all regulatory requirements. For practices looking for a complete clinical staffing solution for a new or existing CCM or care management program, we also provide a Full Service care management model that couples our trained clinical staff who focus on delivering quality care management services to your patients, with our full audit trail and technology platform.  Our Full Service model enables practices to focus on program announcements and consents, while we take care of the rest.

Our ANNA Connected Care Platform connects patients, providers, care team members and family in-between doctor visits with goal-directed care resources.







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