Why Work with Us?

We are passionate about in-between visit chronic care management. It’s what we do.

The Chronic Care Management solution focuses on “in-between visit” care.  Care between doctor visits has not been a focus of our healthcare system—until now.  It is now known that focusing on what happens to people in-between their healthcare appointments is one of the most important aspects of the care of people with chronic conditions.

In order to provide appropriate in-between visit care, strong collaboration is needed–between physician, staff, patient, caregiver.  Providing in-between visit care can be a disruption to a practice’s workflow.  Designing and updating care plans, focusing on care transitions, ensuring medication reconciliations are completed, ensuring regular primary care follow up–these activities are time consuming and require dedicated staff time and focus.

When you decide that you need a partner to deliver optimal in-between visit care to your patients–whether you are thinking about CCM, CPO, CPC+, MSSP, ACO, BPCI–we can help.  We are collaborative partners to practices and organizations throughout their care management journey.  It’s what we love to do.

Chronic care management can help improve the health of people and practices.

We help practices navigate the complexities of chronic care management, while providing a path for new reimbursement through programs that recognize the importance of in-between visit care.  We specialize in CCM, ACO and risk-based program support.

MSOs: together, we can partner to deliver your practice clients valuable new care management programs and revenue.