Primary Care, ACO’s and MSO’s

We’re passionate about providing chronic care management solutions to primary care groups, ACOs, and the MSOs that serve them.

Chronic Care Management for Primary Care and MSOs Primary care practices finally have an opportunity to be compensated for in-between visit care. Yes, it can be an alphabet soup: CCM, ACO, MIPS, ACO–but by partnering with the right care management provider, your primary care practice or MSO can help people receive valuable in-between visit care while you realize new, recurring revenue. African American couple w mac / Chronic Care Management for Primary Care and MSOs

We offer value to MSOs and the practices they serve.

We partner with management service organizations to offer their client practices new, valuable programs that help provide in-between visit care management for patients and new, recurring revenue for practices. MSO partners, we’d love to talk with you about partnership opportunities that can be a win for all.