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Chronic Care Management in Long Term Care

Long term care and assisted living residents can benefit significantly from chronic care management programs.  Long term residents of nursing facilities typically have more than six chronic conditions, and many are affected by memory impairment, gait disorders and mood disorders.  Dedicated nursing staff, caregivers and practitioners do their best to provide sound management for this frail population.  However, when practitioners round on their long term care patients, often there are acute issues that must be managed.  So, often the patients goals of care, advanced care plan, emergency plan for flares of chronic conditions and other important areas may not be as regularly addressed as the should. This is where chronic care management can help.

Chronic Care Management in Long Term Care / CCM in LTC / Hispanic man and granddaugther

In March of 2016, Medicare clarified that residents of long term care facilities (as well as assisted livings) are indeed eligible for CMS’s chronic care management program.  The program can provide your patients an overarching “CCM Medical Management Plan” while providing your group a valuable new recurring revenue source.  At Chronic Care Management, Inc., we uniquely understand the long term care population: we have practiced in it, and are dedicated to best-in-class CCM in LTC program development for your practice.  We are currently working with a number of long term care practices of various sizes–from small group to large national practice–and have developed leading workflow solutions in this unique space.  We can help your practice succeed with CCM in long term care.

For more information on CCM in nursing home patients:

Chronic Care Management in Long Term Care / CMS FAQ March, 2016