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Care Management Software Platform

Our software is designed to enable streamlined care management operations with a risk-stratified approach.
We deploy evidence-based risk assessments to help clinicians to identify risk and match patients with resources.

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Chronic Care Coordinators

We can enable turnkey care management operations at your organization without any additional staff at your practice by providing clinical staff to function as a direct extension of your practice and providers. 
See below some of the functions of the Chronic Care Coordinator:

Engage Patients

Actively engage patients month over month on your behalf, facilitating increased patient satisfaction as patients feel more connected to your practice and their overall care.

Review Medical Records

Ongoing review of the medical record to identify changes with update to evidence-based risk assessments as needed.

Update Care Plan

Ongoing review and update to the patient-centered care plan is completed. Goals are established aligning with the patient’s goals for their health as well as the provider’s treatment goals.

Communicate Needs

As risk is identified, the Chronic Care Coordinator plays an integral part in connecting patients back to their providers for appropriate intervention, and connecting patients to resources as needed.

Consultative Support Services

We offer consultative support to simplify the process of operationalizing care management services at your organization.

We have developed tools, processes and best practices so you don’t have to start from scratch. We understand the complexities of implementing these programs, and we have learned the keys to success in implementing care management operations.

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