Who We Are

Chronic Care Management Inc.

We make YOUR patients OUR priority

Since Medicare introduced Chronic Care Management (CCM) as a formal program reimbursed under Fee For Service (FFS) in 2015, we have been in the business of enabling providers and practices the ability to operationalize care management support services.
We are a solution-oriented care management technology and clinical services provider skilled at supporting care management services such as Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Integration, and Remote Patient Monitoring services.
Our solutions bring together healthcare providers, systems, and stakeholders around a central, person-centered care plan that drives positive clinical outcomes for patients and positive financial outcomes for practices.
We provide a concrete path from volume to value, and empower organizations who are participating in alternative payment models with a formal platform to foster care coordination.

2018 Outcomes

We are your outcomes-driven care management partner.
We are committed to improving the overall clinical outcomes for you patient population. Our platform reports on key performance indicators to show important metrics on your patients.
See our overall performance from 2018 below:

Patients Served

Hospitalizations Avoided

Advance Care Planning
Addressed / Documented

Identification of Risk

We understand the importance of identifying risks, which is the first step to connecting patients to the resources and support they need. 
See how many unique patients we identified at risk in the following categories in 2018, as well as how many assessments we performed across the managed population over the course of the year:

Patients Identified as 
High Risk for

Patients Identified as 
High Risk for Falls

Patients Identified as
Risk for Polypharmacy
or Adverse Drug

Risk for Hospitalization

Fall Risk Assessments

Polypharmacy / Adverse 
Drug Interaction

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