A recent survey found that half of all U.S. physicians remain unaware of Medicare’s chronic care management (CCM) benefit and less than a quarter of physicians have implemented a CCM program.

Further, many physicians remain unaware that the CCM program was recently shown to associated with lower Medicare costs, an enhanced ability to connect patients with community-based resources, and is helping to keep patients out of the hospital.

CCM is a program launched by Medicare in 2015 to help provide support for patients with multiple chronic conditions in-between their provider visits and episodes of care.  The CCM program created a new Medicare-benefit to support beneficiaries with two or more chronic conditions by providing new “in-between visit” revenue to participating providers, stimulating practices to enhance their focus on goal-directed, person-centered care planning, and to provide “aging-in-place” resources such as proactive care management

The study showed that participation in the CCM program was associated with a lower growth in total costs to Medicare than the comparison group.   Patients in the CCM program had lower hospital, emergency department and skilled nursing facility costs. Receipt of CCM services was also associated with a reduced likelihood of hospital admission for the ambulatory care sensitive conditions of diabetes, congestive heart failure, urinary tract infection, and pneumonia among CCM beneficiaries, relative to the comparison beneficiaries.  The CCM program was also associated with increased access to advance care planning (10% among CCM participants versus 1% in the general Medicare population). The study authors concluded that “CCM is having a positive effect on lowering the growth in Medicare expenditures on those that received CCM services.”

At Chronic Care Management, Inc., we help healthcare organizations participate in the CCM program – helping increase access to the impactful benefit for patients in need, while helping drive new revenue for physician groups and partner organizations.  To integrate CCM with your practices workflow and visits, we offer our Connected Care Mobile Provider Platform which enables greater connectivity between you – the provider, and your care team supporting chronic care management services for your patients.  Providers receive periodic texts that link them with CCM updates and care plans – easily enabling proactive “in-between visit” care.

Please let me know if you’d like to further discuss how you can achieve success with CCM. I’m happy to answer questions you may have about how CCM can help you increase your care reach for your patients.

William Mills, M.D.
President & CEO