An Internal Medicine/Geriatrics Practice Quickly Earns New CCM/CPO Revenue

A group of five primary care physicians and five CNPs in the Midwest caring for 2,000 Medicare-age patients with complex needs had been doing comprehensive care planning for their patients for several years. However, they weren’t getting paid for all their work. They made the commitment to dedicate time to interdisciplinary group meetings to develop and update their patients’ care plans each month, but felt they lacked a unified, comprehensive care plan to support this effort.

With the advent of new CPT code 99490 in 2015, the group, who had variable success tracking time and billing for CPO, knew they needed to find a one-stop-shop for tracking and documenting their CCM and CPO activities. The group started using Chronic Care Management’s CCM/CPO suite in mid-2015. Feeling supported by the company as they embarked on getting compliant consents in place, they were able to consent 1,200 patients within the first three months.

The group, who already had a Care Management nurse, started using the suite to promote increased access to “quick information” for patients, POAs, assisted living nurses, and home health staff. All commented that the overall care effort was more coordinated that it had been before, and the patients’ goals were firmly at the center.

The primary practice started realizing $60,000 per month in combined CCM and CPO revenue by the third month and has a robust audit trail in place as it plans to continue to grow the program while investing in their practice and its staff.

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