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About William Mills, M.D.

Chronic Care Management, Inc. founder William Mills, M.D., started the company to improve the “in-between visit care” of people with multiple chronic conditions.  Mills is a board-certified physician with first-hand experience in all aspects of caring for patients with chronic conditions and running successful practices and companies.

William Mills, M.D.

Dr. Mills is passionate about addressing the needs of people in-between their healthcare provider visits, “It’s time to recognize that what we do for patients in-between visits is at least as important as what we do during visits – perhaps more important.  There are accumulating data that show that quality care management programs can keep people healthier, out of hospitals and emergency rooms, and can help deliver more goal-directed care.”

Serving as a home-based primary care doctor to those in need, Mills has personally made more than 20,000 house calls in his career.  This first hand experience caring for people with complex needs is balanced by his time as Chief Medical Officer of a Fortune 500 company Division of Care Management, as President of a Population Health Management Group, as President of a hospice organization, and as a Board Member of a leading national nonprofit professional organization.  Each day, Dr. Mills brings his holistic approach to care management to CCM clients and partners.

Give Your Patients the In-Between Visit Care They Need & Improve Your Bottom Line

Chronic Care Management, Inc. was founded as an outgrowth of Dr. Mills’ passion for caring for Medicare patients and his desire to help organizations all across the U.S. provide excellent “in between visit” care management services for people in need. Today, the Company is a leading provider of technology and services that enable in-between visit care.

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