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We empower patients, providers, healthcare organizations and payers with evidence-based, high quality in-between visit chronic care management technology and clinical services.

Dr. William Mills, a board-certified home-based primary care physician, founded Chronic Care Management, Inc. in early 2015 after  years of caring for complex patients within the fee-for-service Medicare system. Striving to build a system to provide better support for people with chronic conditions in-between their provider visits or episodes of care, Mills partnered with Medicare to develop a comprehensive technology and clinical services platform to help deliver on the promise of “in-between visit care”.  Mills and his leadership team at CCM Inc. are singularly focused on providing real world solutions for healthcare providers and other stakeholders to enhance the manner in which people with chronic conditions receive care. The team is currently helping people in 26 states in the U.S. use the new Medicare benefit and is partnering with healthcare organizations to achieve successful outcomes.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Quality Payment Program Support within ccm workflow (ACO, MIPS)

  • We support all major Medicare quality payment programs as part of our care management workflows with winning results
  • By integrating ACO or MIPS quality measures into CCM workflow, we help groups drive quality improvement
  • We are helping practices drive significant improvements in their level of quality measure attainment
  • Our leadership team has unique experience in quality care management for high risk patients

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